Contest Program (Agenda) and Conditions

This is the planned agenda for the 2015 contest of the Europe’s Next Bollywood Dance Star.
Please note the conditions at the bottom of this page

CASTING PART (daytime)

  • 10:30am: Welcome to CASTING PART
    • Handout of Badges and Order of performances
  • 11am – 2pm: Casting program for finals
    • Perform your own choreography
    • Catering is offered on your own expense

For the chosen participants for the finals will be given a 2-minute choreography by the Saroj Khan assistant. This has to be practised (taking a video with your smartphone is permitted) in the afternoon. This learned and practised choreography is the challenge dance to present in the finals in the evening.

For the ones that did not make it through this round, it’s either

A) leaving home
B) coming in the evening for the finals with a separately paid ticket

Finals (Evening)

  • 6pm-10pm: FINAL Dance contest Show
    • Handout order of performances
    • Backstage catering is provided for participants by the organiser
    • Catering for audience/public will be offered on guest’s expense
    • Classical performance (external guest)
    • Contest round
      • Performance of participants own choreography
    • Break with a musical show (external guest)
    • Contest challenge round 2
      • Performance of given choreography
    • Short break
    • Decision by the judges of who are the winners for SOLO and GROUP


  1. Prepare 2 choreographies of two different songs (no copies, self-created by the participant)
  2. One songs is for the morning round (pre-audition), the second song for the finals show
  3. Either a mix of 2 songs (“medley”) or an original, full song (songs are your choice)
  4. Each performance shall be at least 3 minutes and shall not exceed 5 minutes
  5. Perform in 2 costumes of your own (pre-audition and finals)
  6. Dress-up and make-up during casting is responsibility of the participant
  7. For the finals, hair and make-up is done by a make-up artist priovided by the organiser